Cosmic Geisha Look!!!

Hi guys…wanted to give u some real behind the scenes looks of creation of the characters in my new video. Check out the gallery to see how I made everything <3

Gonna start with the Cosmic Geisha look cause that one is definitely my favorite look from the video.

I’ve been sketching, contemplating and waiting to do this very look for a while but was waiting for the right moment and the song to attach it to.

I handmade the outfit pretty much from scratch for this look. I started with the basic Lip Service kimono I had sitting around for years. It was red and white so I sew blue and white over it to change the colors + embellished it with some very anime motifs that I found in downtown LA. Anime and cartoon stuff is so inspiration for me when I create visuals <3

The massive skirt was made from several Wedding underskirts bought from Mexican wedding shops downtown. I spray painted and dyed all the layers separately to get the fade effect from white to dark blue. This was very messy and time consuming (my bath tub is still blue and my carpet is ruined. lol) but it was definitely worth it!

The wig was custom made by some sweet old chinese ladies and I embellished it with some chopsticks that I made out of knitting needles, plush stars and an old necklace.

The collar is made of chinese wall decorations that were like $10. I covered them with some mexican wedding store fabric and spray painted the whole thing gold.

Hope this inspires u to create some fantastical characters yourself<3