One Night With Sleeping With Sirens.

Hey Music Junkies,

I dont even think I need to explain to any of you just who Sleeping With Sirens is since I feel like they have taken over the music world lately. I was blessed to have gone on the road with these amazing boys back in the day and am so proud of how far they have come! I went out to their SOLD OUT show the other night at Chain Reaction (which they sold out previously on the same tour just days earlier might I add.) The show itself was absolutely incredible, the crowd knew every single word and it sounded like Nsync was playing with how intense the screaming girls were. I highly suggest going to check them out if you have not seen them live because this is their headlining tour so they make sure to put on an impressive set. Also if you don’t already know Kellin Quinn the frontman of the band has just recently created a clothing line called Anthem Clothing so be sure to go buy some sick clothes too!! :).

Enjooooy <3