LISTEN: Kids In Glass Houses Get Remixed

The rock world and its fans are divided over the new electronic invasion. Is Skrillex ‘punk’ or is he ‘dubstep’ – or is dubstep punk? The truth is nobody knows because genre is just an opinion. Not even HRH (His Rock Heiness) Dave Grohl isn sure anymore.

Kids In Glass Houses‘ remixed “Diamond Days” is not an unusual collaboration however – it’s the work of KIGH’s very own guitarist Iain Mahanty. It’s described as Iain’s “first remix” suggesting we may be hearing more soon. The track is streaming on Soundcloud and is currently available for download too.

Diamond Days (Remix) by iainisrad

What do you think of the remix?

How does it compare to the original below?

Will you be heading out to see KIGH on the You Me At Six tour which kicks off tomorrow?