What I learned this weekend.

Each month I try to sit down and write some short term goals to try and accomplish in this 30 day period.

Making rent is always number one. ha. but besides worrying about finances, which is normally everyone’s main concern. Try writing some stuff down that you want to handle this month! It’s only the 5th so you still have time.

Maybe like organize your closet? Get rid of something and dontate/sell them. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Try and go for a run 3 times a week. Take a new workout class. Learn a new recipe and make it for someone.

Mine this month are to take ballet twice a week. Keep my room and car clean. Go through all my clothes and get rid of stuff I don’t wear anymore and finish my taxes lol.

This past weekend was a good way to bring in the new month. I got to hang out with an old roommate on a random night off from work. We went to dinner then dancing with a couple more friends for the night. Went to my favorite breakfast/lunch place in the valley. The next night was awesome just going to a billiards bar to play pool. I need to practice more I used to be so good in highschool.

But the one thing I learned this weekend, is to not think into things so much.

It’s one of my biggest flaws and I either think way too much into things or not at all. So I’m trying to find a happy medium. Also don’t walk on eggshells when you have an opinion or thought on something. People need to learn to listen and hear other people out. I’ve always been the one to keep my mouth shut in relationships and just swallow what I think and learn to deal with it. It feels so much better voicing what you have to say. And most likely in the end that other person will respect and appreciate your honesty more. If not, so not worth it.

Life is always about finding that happy middle with everything and everyone…

I’m going to try and work on that as well this month, rather than getting my way or letting the other person take the whole cake, lets cut it in half 🙂