Get To Know The Wishbone Foundation

Hey friends,

I have had the privelage to get to know one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met who also happens to be my best friend for the past four years, Kat Lafata. With that being said I felt it was very necessary to introduce that person to all of you. Not only do I feel like if you all met her you’d agree with me BUT she has recently created a phenomal foundation for children. That foundation is called The Wishbone Foundation.

I had her write up a short story about it in hopes that you all would read this and not only be inspired to help her out in anyway you can but maybe to come up with a foundation to change the world too! So please read this and let me or her know what you think, thank you! <3

“Hey everyone! So I finally have my non-profit organization, The Wishbone Foundation up and ready to change the world. All I need now! Let’s start with the basics. You probably want to know what The Wishbone Foundation is. We are an organization that implements art programs into group homes for kids and teens across America. We want every youth to be able to have access to an outlet for creative self-expression.

The impact art made on the kids in a group home I was working for in New Hampshire was so amazing. I could actually see what finding oneself looked like, and I wanted to allow this experience to happen all over the country. How will we do this? Well, The Wishbone Foundation aims to do this in two steps: the first step being supplying these homes with art supplies (crayons, paper, easels, paints, brushes, etc.) and the second step being showing faculty and staff how to teach art to these youths. The final result is the art created. This is where we got our motto, “Supply. Inspire. Observe.”

So now you’re probably wondering where YOU come in. This is the fun part! TWF is sponsoring a lot of music festivals this year. We already made our debut at the Never Say Never and South By So What?! Festivals in Texas as a main sponsor, but we will be going to Bamboozle and Warped Tour. You can help at any of these events by coming to our tent and picking up a flier, donating, or even volunteering at the table (which, I highly recommend because I’ll be there and I’m kind of awesome and if you’re down with The Wishbone Foundation, you’re kind of awesome too.) If you are interested in volunteering please check our tumblr for an updated list of which cities need help and email me at You can also do other things to get involved like collect some art supplies in your neighborhood—even if its just from your house! Every little bit helps and if you send in your old crayons and markers (please make sure they’re still usable ) I’ll hook you up with some free Wishbone gear! Thanks to everyone reading this and to my best friend, Brittany Hagerty for allowing me to interview on this blog! I hope to hear from and hopefully meet all of you soon!” -Kat Lafata