Justin Bieber Wants To Gain Respect With New Album

Newly legal Justin Bieber is ready to gain some respect. The 18-year-old singer is ready to release his new album, Believe, and hopes this album will gain him some new fans and satisfy his long-time Beliebers at the same time.

In a fan-based interview with MTV News, Bieber explained what his fans can expect from his forthcoming album.

“You can’t really expect anything from my album. It’s really, really different, and it’s new; it’s not the same thing everyone’s used to hearing right now on the radio. It’s really exciting for me, ’cause I’m able to break out of my shell and show my fans what I’m all about and show other people who might not like my music that maybe they can like my music. I’m not trying to lose any of my young fans. I’m not trying to lose any of my fans, I’m just trying to gain fans, and I think that’s the best way to do it. Rather than try to grow up and lose your fans, you can get better and evolve and gain respect from more people.”

Sounds like a very mature outlook on his path for longevity in the music industry. Kid can’t sing “Baby” his entire life, right? Justin also expressed how he has become more involved with this album creatively, and his excitement for fans to hear his first single, “Boyfriend“.

“This new album is crazy. I’ve spent the most time on it creatively, just writing myself and being involved in the whole process. It’s something that comes from my heart. I hope all my fans and all my Beliebers like it. With my new album, Believe, there’s so many different songs and so many different styles. It’s really versatile and fun. My first single is going to be amazing — everyone’s going to love it.”

Never been a huge JB fan, but honestly now I am kind of anxious to see what this young superstar has up his sleeve.

Do you think Justin’s new album will be a hit or a miss?