Justin Bieber Causes A Major Car Accident: What Was He Doing?

Justin Bieber is known for his ability to make gaggles of girls swoon, cause a mob scene and drive some pretty sweet cars! After all, he’s been known to get his collection of fancy cars much attention by the law for looking too young and cutting off authority. So it’s not a big surprise that he caused a major car accident that was caught on camera – but this time the Biebs wasn’t behind the wheel! How did he cause such a crazy collision?

By pulling a fast one (literally) on friend Rob Dyrdek!The newly-turned 18-year-old pranks the pro skater for an upcoming episode of Punk’d.

Check out the preview for the episode below:

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Punk’d returns to MTV on March 29th.

Who are you looking forward to seeing on Punk’d this upcoming season?