Happy 18th Birthday Justin Bieber!

Today marks a momentus occasion in history, as the world celebrates the birthday of the greatest gift to teen pop music of recent times. That’s right Buzznet,Justin Bieber turns 18 today. It also marks the day Bieber potentially breaks a world record for most social media messages received in one day (participate HERE!) and power couple Juslena finally becoming legally allowed to date. Rejoice!

A haiku for you on your birthday, Justin Bieber:

Happy Birthday Biebs.

At last you turn 18 years,

I hope that “U Smile.”

But really, I totally love Justin Bieber (You kind of have to love him after watching Never Say Never). While Justin Bieber spends his birthday with Ryan Seacrest, let’s celebrate by compiling some of greatest things about the Biebs.

1. His music. You can’t deny that Justin has catchy music. “Baby” can totally get stuck in your head all day. And he performs his music well live in concert too! He sold out MSG in less than 5 minutes on his last tour and when I saw him at the Staples Center, I was pretty impressed. Check out his movie too for some pretty crazy clips of him being insanely musically talented when he was just 5 years old! Check out a young JBiebs show off his chops…

2. He’s charitable. Justin supports an organization called “Pencils of Promise” which helps to build schools in developing counties all around the world! With the organization, he created the Schools4All campaign which encouraged kids all over to start their own fundraising projects for Pencils of Promise.

3. He introduces us to great music. Not only does Justin Bieber make great music himself, but he’s now helping us discover other great artists. Most recently, Justin and his manager Scooter signed Carly Rae Jepsen who just put out “Call Me Maybe” which will pretty much be stuck in your head forever. He’s also taken talented performers on the road with him like Burnham and Jasmine V.

4. He’s close with his family. We all know how disgustingly cute Justin is with girlfriend Selena Gomez (did you hear about him taking her to the movies…at the Staples Center?) but did you know he’s just as cute with his little siblings? Justin totally dotes on his younger brother and sister and seems to really love spending tons of time with them.

5. He’s really funny. Justin Bieber goes cone-ing. He makes funny YouTube videos singing to Carly Rae Jepsen. He pranks his fans and he’s known as the prankster on tour. And remember that time he took over FunnyOrDie.com? “Now who’s old enough, bitch!?”

And finally…

5. His hair. How can you resist Justin’s luscious mane? Isn’t the way he flips it just so dreamy? He could be in one of those shampoo commercials. I leave you with this:

Happy Birthday Justin!!