GLASSbook Magazine

My GLASSbook Magazine interview is out now! Here are some of the images and the start of the article… you can read whole interview HERE

Born in Philadelphia and discovered at the age of 14 while getting her hair done, Audrey Kitching, American print model, has exploded on the Internet as a model, blogger, fashion journalist, and fashion designer. Nylon magazine in December 2010 called Kitching “the princess of pop culture website Buzznet” and up in the ranks the social media queen began to rise.

As Kitching started to brand herself online she also made a name for her many do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and unique vintage and thrift store finds. As she developed as a creative director on location while shooting, Kitching’s fans were drawn to her home-spun items and demand led to the creation of three clothing lines: Tokyolux, Coco de Coeur and Lazybones Vintage.

This animal loving, jetsetter is traipsing all over the world to bring her followers something fun and whimsical. GLASSbook scored an exclusive interview with Kitching who tells us she’s making big moves in 2012

Photographer: Diane Gaughan Shirt: Urban Shorts: Bambi and Mason Belt: my own DIY Shoes: Irregular Choice Jewelry: Forever 21 / Vintage