Employers Demand Access To Your Facebook: What Do You Think?

Today in WTF-ery, GOOD posted an article that made thank the heavens that I do not have a Facebook. In their article Forced Friends: Want A Job? Give Up Your Facebook Password, we are told of employers, schools, and other institutions that often demand access to your social networking sites to determine if you are the candidate they are looking for to fill a job opening, spot on a team, etc.

Normally, if something like this ever happened to us, we’d get up and leave but the article brings up a good point. They go on to say that people allow this to happen and often comply with such demands because they really need that job. They really want to go to a certain school. They really want to be on that team.

Many of us don’t think twice about the information we share on our social networking sites, we just post whatever we want to. We don’t really think that someone down the line is going to hold it against us that we posted a photo of us being rubbed by penguins as we lounged about lazily on vacay after one too many magatini’s:

It happens.

Do you think that these people are going to far and prying too deeply into your life? Do you think they have the right to look at you social networking sites?

What do you think?