Demi Lovato’s ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ Teaser Trailer #2!

I honestly loooovee Demi Lovato! I’m a total Lovatic, so I get super excited when she has a new song, album, show, music video or pretty much anything coming out! She just posted this second teaser for her new music video “Give Your Heart A Break” that will be aired on E! & E! Online on April 2nd for the US & Canada and April 3rd worldwide on Vevo. She also posted another teaser which you can watch here.

Demi said in a previous letter to her fans that this song is NOT about heartbreak, it’s “a song about faith, it’s about fighting for the one you love, it’s about living the moment and mostly it’s about believing you’re worth falling for.” Awe <3 I’m already obsessed with the song so I can’t wait for the video! Looks awesome!