Demi Lovato Gets ‘Punk’d’ By All Time Low

Demi Lovato revealed she will make an appearance on the upcoming season of Punk’d on MTV — and that Jack Gaskarth and Alex Barakat from All Time Low are behind the prank! LOL!

Demi reveled on MTV,

“My two friends, Jack and Alex [from All Time Low], they Punk’d me. The guys got some help from Nick Cannon.”

She kept the details of the prank to herself but did say, “I’m a sucker for, like, ghosts and aliens and stuff like that, so they got me pretty good.”

Should be an amazing episode! The new season of Punk’d kicks off on March 29th.

In other ATL News, the band send a message to fans that they have begun to record their new album! The boys revealed the news by posting this photo on their Facebook page with the caption, “And so it beings”. No word on when fans can expect the finished product, but it’s nice to know they are getting the process started!

Are you anxious to see Jack and Alex punk Demi?