Dedicated To My Angel // Somewhere

Recently I listened a lot of this song and this is one of my new entrances in the long list of the songs dedicated to my angel. I always loved this song but only in the last weeks I linked it to Bill and for this reason I decided to share it.

I think the lyrics are pretty clear for everyone of you who knows me really well, I’m searching him and I will do everything for stay together him, also he knows there are some difficult and it’s such a hard battle but I really love when something is hard, I fight with an edge over!

I will never surrender! If you love someone from the bottom of the heart you would to do everything for live your life with that person!



Lost in the darkness Hoping for a sign Instead there’s only silence Can’t you hear my screams?

Never stop hoping Need to know where you are But one thing’s for sure You’re always in my heart

I’ll find you somewhere I’ll keep on trying Until my dying day I just need to know Whatever has happened The truth will free my soul

Lost in the darkness Tried to find your way homeI want to embrace you And never let you go

Almost hope you’re in heaven So no one can hurt your soul Living in agony Cause I just do not know Where you are

Wherever you are I won’t stop searching Whatever it takes me to know