David Blaise Reveals This Providence Is Back

David Blaise called in to chat withThe Gunz Show last night and reveal that This Providence is, “back from the dead.” Blaise discussed why the band has been off the radar for the past few years and what they have been working on.

The biggest news to take away from the interview is that the band has a new EP out this April. The 4-song EP marks the first release from the band since 2009, and Blaise confesses they put a lot of work into these 4 tracks.

He told The Gunz Show, “Its hard for us as a band to find an identity every time we like something – we want to changed it again. We have been a band for a while and we just want to be serious and we don’t just want to put out albums just cause we wrote some songs. And we want to be really proud of it.”

Much rather a band take their time and give us quality, over quantity.

This Providence decided to work with producer Matt Grabe and kept things simple –no samples on the EP, just instruments. YAY!! So impressed with this interview and David’s point of view. You can check out the full interview here and catch This Providence on Go Radio’s new tour kicking off soon.

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Are you happy This Providence is back? What did you think of the interview?