Gwen Stefani Tweets Super Cute Vintage Photo (Plus 5 Ways To Copy That Look!)

Whether or not the rumors that the beloved couple is splitting are real, here’s a an actual fact for you – Gwen Stefani officially joined the Twitter bandwagon yesterday!

Aside from usual greetings to fans, you’ll bet that Gwennie will be uploading lots of photos of her and her cute family. So, what kind of photos are up so far? She’s uploaded a self-photo of herself looking happy as always, and a super duper old video of herself. But we’re more excited of the vintage photos of her back in the ’80s (yes, it’s hard to believe that this No Doubt singer is in fact 42-years-old)!

Featuring a young, fresh-faced (almost unrecognizable) gal, Gwen shows the world that you can still look stylish with short hair, sans makeup, and a sundress. Tweeted with the caption, “so cute me and eric 83′ wish i still had that dress gx,” we also sort of wished we kept our sundresses from our childhood days, too!

So, don’t fret, you don’t need to go back in time to snag that dress cause here are five awesome (and adorable) sundresses you can wear now! Look through the gallery to see which ones are your favorite!


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