Danger Angels: Weetzie Bat Inspired Editorial

In 1989, Francesca Lia Block released her first novel, the cult-classic punk coming-of-age story Weetzie Bat. The story, set in a city called Shangri-La (a hyper version of Los Angeles) in a time period similar to the 80’s,tackled many heavy young adult topics such as homosexuality, abortion, AIDs, and witchcraft. It’s one of my favorite books for thinking so outside of the box.

While I didn’t quite catch it when it came out last March, Paper Magazine released this amazing Weetzie Bat inspired editorial shot in Hollywood, along with a candid interview with the author herself, Block.

The gauzy editorial evokes a time long lost but never forgotten, filled with punk rebel couture, new wave outfits, and clashing colors. There’s a hazy teenage angst and neo-punk vintage feel to the photos, represented amazingly through the rebellious, neon-bathed, dreamy ensembles.

What’s your favorite look? Have you read Weetzie Bat?

Also, check out the Paper Mag interview here!