Style Profile: Clemence Poesy

Can we all agree that French women are just better than all other women? No? Just kidding (sort of!) While they may not be better per se, they are definitely better dressed per capita (I did my senior thesis on the statistics of global style at an online University run by Andre Leon Talley okay?). So it’s no surprise that Clemence Poesy, the cute-as-a-button French actress who has made a name for herself with roles in Harry Potter and Gossip Girl (how adorable-face was she borrowing Blair’s couture like a little French country mouse in the big city?), has incredible style. She has that thing that French ladies all have where they look like they just woke up and threw on whatever was on the chair next to their bed (and that chair just happens to be covered with piles of Chanel and Isabel Marant), ran their fingers through their hair, and hooved in out the door (in perfect boots). When I get dressed in this manner, I end up wearing bleach-stained men’s sweatpants and a t-shirt I got free from the local radio station. Le sigh.

Click through the gallery and comment on your favorite looks. What do you think of Clemence’s style?


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