Buzznet Original: Pishelle

But soft, what awesome from yonder Buzznet breaks? It is the east, and Pishelle is the sun. Arise, fair maiden, and kill us with lolzFor we are already ROFL-ing on the LMAOO Pishelle, none art more fair than she.

I mostly should probably do a curtsey or something. I really didn’t know how else to start this so I am pretty sure I just made William’s corpse break out in hives after butchering his Shakespearean handy work. Try as I might, I cannot bestow enough comments on our newest Buzznet Original, Pishelle.

Pishelle has her hands in many cookie jars. She writes about fashion, entertainment, and she’s also doing a 365 Day Project. Her photos are fun to gaze upon and her words are a treat for your brain. She’s one of those people that are already a Buzznet Original in my mind but when I go to their page to check for the badge, my face does this:


Let us take a look at what makes this Pishelle a Buzznet Original. Hold onto your pantaloons, d’Artagnan, for we are about to traipse through a field of gillyflowers and land in the kingdom of awesome.

She wrote about RyGos and I wanted to die

She also posted some stuffs about Le Game of Thrones

Oh and look she does a pictures:

Day the 1st

She knows a good nom when she sees it:

Day 87

She does a doodles:

Day 44

She’s mostly a bawz:

Day 30

So there you go. Mostly she is amazing. Her 365 Day Project let’s us know how her days go and what tunes she is listening to. Stop by and check out this amazing person. Congrats on being our newest OG, Pishelle!