Behind The Scenes: Slumber Party Photo Shoot feat. Jessi Jae Joplin, Renee Olstead and Lola Blanc

Yesterday, I attended an “Uber Girly Mega Slumber Party Photo Shoot” hosted by the lovely Lola Blanc! It was so great to see her along with fellow Buzzmate Renee Olstead! The whole shoot was shot at the fabulous home of Tali De’Mar…and I musty say, it is AMAZING! It reminded me of one of the rooms at the Madonna Inn. I was in LOVE! The day was pretty much an excuse for us to eat cupcakes, play dress-up, have pillow fights, and wear lots of pink…all while being photographed. It was so creative and fun, so I’m glad I went. And to top it off, Lola supplied us with tons of clothes and wigs…and did I mention there was pizza? Yea, I was in heaven! Make sure to check out the behind the scenes photos below…And I can’t wait to show you the finished result soon!