Before I Die

Artist Candy Chang has begun this insanely cool art project using temporary space, discarded planks, chalk board spray paint and chalk. The artist has created a forum for passersby to jot down their wishes!

It reminds me of the TWLOHA “Fears And Dreams“, or of Postsecret.

The Before I Die project started last February in Louisiana. Since then, 12 official boards have popped up in seven countries. The D.C. project follows Brooklyn, Johannesburg, Savannah and Chicago.

I think this is the coolect thing ever, and it made me want to begin my own list of things to do before I die. I collected a gallery of them (and some pictures of the Before I Die walls)

I was wondering what do YOU want to do before you die? Comment below and tell me what is on your list…this is such a cool project!