Amoeba Adventures: Bleeding Knees Club

(photo by Steve Lee)

We got the change to hang out with super cute Australian garage pop trio Bleeding Knees Club when they were in LA playing some shows, so naturally we dragged them to Amoeba to tell us about their favorite albums, since their album Nothing To Do is one of our favorite albums of the year (it’s not out until 4/17, but you can hear select tracks on their SoundCloud). Their particular blend of surf-punk and doo-wop filtered through wayward teen angst makes for the coolest kind of party jams. ALSO: They make the BEST VIDEOS EVER. You can hear more of their on their MySpace page, and they’re pretty funny on Twitter too. Also, if you’re going to be down at SXSW this week, check out all the shows they are playing (flyer attached below).