You Always Remember A Night Like This

ahh.. what a LONG weekend.. i am glad the week has begun.. i have a ton of exciting things happening this week like my visit to Jvalentine, where i will be interviewing josie stevens & nylon pink… i am finishing up my photo shoot with backstage clothing.. still need to do the look book & a behind the scene video.. AND i have my weekly parties at sayers club/lexington.. i am trying to LIVE in the moment.. my mind is all over the place.. i am thinking about the past.. i am worrying about the future.. i am focusing on events that haven’t even happened.. i always go for the negative.. constantly thinking of the worst outcome.. convincing myself to not enjoy the moment but to be frightened of it.. constantly stressing.. with constant anxiety.. its a terrible way to live.. never enjoying the happiness that is right in front of you. no one is perfect. i still have a lot of work to do on myself.. but for now.. my first action will be for the moment.. to live in the moment.. embrace the moment.. and to be happy. there is NO reason to be upset over something that hasn’t even happened.. maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t.. just thought i’d put it out there in the universe..