From Shabby to Chic: Shoe Tutorial!

DIY time!!!

I had these old boring stripper shoes sitting in my closet that I never wore so I thought I’d make them into something more decadent and interesting. Got inspired by Louis XIV for these babies!

What you need:

– random pair of shoes

– fabric (I am using white lace as the base fabric)

– spray glue (the fabric ones are okay but I like to use the real deals from home depot. Stays glued forever)

– trims

– embellishments (whatever you want!)

– E6000 (Crafty people know the secret, it’s the best craft glue out there)

First off, I cut a cool shape out of my old boring boots cause I wanted to make them into shoes instead. Then I spray glued the shoes and pressed the fabric on them. There really is no right way to do it, just gotta feel it out. I like to just glue a big piece of fabric over the shoes and then cut it out the way I want. For these specific shoes I used 2 pieces of fabric – one for the front of the shoe and the other one for the back and heel of the shoes.

When done with the base, it’s time for some fun. The edges were kinda funky so I took some trim to cover it up and add some texture. I used the E6000 for that cause it’s stronger than the spray glue.

Next I had bought these lace appliques which I cut into smaller pieces and decorated the shoes with. Also had some pearl thing that made the perfect embellishment for the tongue. I’m going to Miami this week so I can’t wait to rock these alongside other all white things…Obsessed with white….! <3

If you make anything cool, send me the pics and I’ll put it up for the other Moon Children to see :

Integrity, Love and Unity,


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