14 Break Up Lines I’ve Been Told or Said

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’ve decided to be the mayor of Bitter Town and not do anything remotely Valentine’s-y or couple-tastic. Instead, I’ve made up my mind to protest this celebration of love by rubbing everyone’s noses into the bouquet of my singleness. Take a big whiff. It smells like sad over here.

Breaking up happens. It usually happens when someone starts calling me their boyfriend after 2 dinners or when someone’s ex comes back into the picture. I was going to try to come up with man on man specific break up things but the fact of the matter is, everyone hears these break up lines regardless of whether you have the gay or are straight. Here are some break up lines that I’ve either been told or told by various persons that I don’t know anymore.

I’ve also decided to use memes because that’s how I relate to the world. Enjoy!

PS: i wrote this while listening to Morrissey albums for maximum weepy times.