Best And Worst Dressed At The Kids Choice Awards 2012!

I love seeing what the stars wear on the red carpet, and tonight at the Kids Choice Awards was no different! There were a lot of unique outfits and some really horrible ones. in this gallery, I have some of the best and worst dressed of the night!

My best dressed of the night was:

Selena Gomez – I loved her Dolce&Gabbana dress and Cesare Paciotti pumps. She didn’t show too much of the midriff, but instead just the right amount, and I loved her wavy hair and makeup. She looked fab!

Victoria Justice – I think her peach/pink blazer and shorts just went so well together and she looked so professional, but cute and flirty at the same time. The shorts showed off her amazing long legs. And then her shoes were just to die for! Perfect, perfect! Love her <3

Kristen Stewart – I loved the blue print dress and her blue pumps! Seeing her in some color was also a relief, finally!

Jennifer Stone – Her one-shoulder red dress was simple, but very cute! Her orange-ish belt and pumps went well with the orange carpet. Nice one Jen!

And now, my worst dressed of the night:

Katy Perry – WHY did people like what she was wearing? It was just so unattractive. She has an amazing face and an amazing body. Firt of all her long blue hair in a sideways ponytail, And then the outfit, don’t even get me started. Basically a green sports bra and then a horrible skirt with ugly print. Her shoes were the only thing I liked. Her outfit just looked very childish and not put together well. Like she was dressed by an 8-year old, oh and did I mention her green watch? Yeah, I get that you were going with the slime theme, but this outfit was just ridiculous. Love you Katy, but this wasn’t one of your best.

Ariana Grande – Yes, I know SHOCK! I love her, but this outfit didn’t do it for me. She could have put together such a cute outfit especially because of her bubbly personality, but this dress looked like she wrapped a bath towel and then put in a little flower bow in the middle.

Nicki Minaj – I can’t even begin to describe how much i hate what she wore. I’m not even going to call it a dress. See for yourself in the gallery. But then again, I’m not shocked considering what she wore at the Grammys.