Why Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Are The Best Couple In Hollywood

When it comes to Breaking Dawn stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, affectionately known as “Robsten” their real-life romance has been met with mixed reviews. We get it, everyone wants to hate on Kristen because she’s the lucky gal to capture Rob’s heart. However, we happen to adore the pair who have managed to keep their relationship rock solid and drama free under the prying eyes of Hollywood. With Valentines Day only a few days away, here are the top ten reasons why they deserve the title of Hollywood’s perfect couple!

1. They Don’t Dress To Impress

Have you seen any pics of these two out and about? If it’s not a red carpet, Robsten is perfectly content hanging out in their uniform of jeans, plain t-shirts and comfortable shoes. Rob’s hair is perma-bed head and Kristen has hers pulled back in a messy pony tail or tucked under a hooded sweatshirt. Clearly the pair have seen enough of each other dolled up for public events that they pass up the peacocking and just go for enjoying each other’s company.

2. They Put Their Careers First

Ever notice how Rob and Kristen haven’t passed up or taken on any movie roles based on how far apart they’ll be from each other? Sure, they play opposite each other in the Twilight series, but now that filming for the series is over, Rob and Kristen just use all their frequent flyer miles to meet up when they start missing each other too much.

3. They’re Gorgeous

Is there anything more to say? Pretty people are nice to look at and when they are dating each other…::cue head explosion:: Nuff said.

4. They Don’t Talk About Their Relationship

While most celeb couples tend to break the cardinal rule of Hollywood dating, Robsten has never revealed much about their romance other than what the paparazzi catches. Come to think of it, have they ever actually said out loud, “Yes, we are dating!” Didn’t think so.

5. They Don’t Frequent Da Clubs

A Robsten sighting is hard to come by, because they don’t whore out their celebrity by frequenting seedy Hollywood hot spots to be seen. It’s a true testament to how rad they are. They just don’t care about the spotlight and care more about being somewhere low-key with close friends.

6. They Have Cool Attitudes

We love these two because they’re just cool. They’re both a little aloof, awkward and down to earth. Basically, they’re the couple we all want to double date with and have as our BFFs.

7. They Don’t Acknowledge Hollywood Rumors

While other celebs in the spotlight will be quick to dispel rumors of babies, marriage, infidelity and broken hearts, Robsten doesn’t waste time feeding into Hollywood gossip about them. We love their confidence!

8. They Don’t Take Part In Social Networking

Celebrities love to interact with their fans. whether it be a Facebook fan page, their Twitter or Instagram. Rob and Kristen get major props for not taking part in any of this and stick to keeping themselves more of a mystery to their fans.

9. They Don’t Try To Upstage Eachother

Some Hollywood couples don’t make it because they let their egos get in the way. Rob and Kristen have always shown nothing but genuine support for the other and their respective projects.

10. They Are Genuinely In Love

For all the reasons listed above, it all comes down to Robsten having the kind of relationship we all want to be in and have last forever.

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Do you think Rob and Kristen are Hollywood’s most perfect couple?