Why Is Miley Cyrus Denying What She Wrote On Facebook?

Miley Cyrus has usually been good about being honest and liable for her often controversial actions. So it seems suspicious that the 19-year-old entertainer is denying reports that she addressed a certain topic on her Facebook page. What could Miley be covering up? On February 4th, RadarOnline reported that Miley defended her LOL on-screen mom Demi Moore on her Facebook page, saying the following:

“Everyone needs to leave Demi alone. She’s been through so much the past year. She doesn’t need the crap. how can you talk crap on someone you don’t know. The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem “weak,” “stupid,” or “unbalanced” … Just because she’s in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!!”

Apparently the reports were false, with Miley clarifying the situation on Twitter:

Given that Miley never has a problem with defending what she believes in, we’re with Miley on this one!

Do you think what was done to Miley was wrong? What would you do if you were in her position and someone wrongfully reported what you said – how would you react?