Why Is Daniel Radcliffe Upset Over Harry Potter Remakes?

Admit it: most of us were more than just a little upset when the final Harry Potter was released July 2011. However, with movies constantly being remade years after their original release, there is the possibility of Harry Potter movies coming back as a remake. One person who is really upset over that prospect? Potter star Daniel Radcliffe!

Harry Potter himself has expressed that he is “upset” about the prospect of the Harry Potter movies being remade without him, reports MTV UK. When asked byThe Dave Gorman Showon Absolute Radio bout the possibility of theere being remakes of the wizard films, the 22-year old replied, “Oh there’s bound to be, and it upsets me now, you know.”

He may not be able to play Harry if that happens, but there is ONE role DanRad’s eyeing to play, if given the opportunity!

“I’ve been kind of thinking who I’d like to play in the inevitable remakes, and I’ve decided I’d quite like to play James Potter. Just play my dad, nice two or three days work, you know. Yeah, that would be nice.”

Would you watch a Harry Potter remake without Daniel in it?