Which Twi-Guy Was Forbidden To Audition For ‘Hunger Games’?

Now that Twilight is on its last leg with Breaking Dawn Part 2 hitting theaters in November, the next “It” movie seems to be another book-turned-movie the Hunger Games. It’s without a doubt that numerous celebrities have auditioned and were vying for roles in the highly anticipated movie, which ultimately have gone to Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. Which Twilight actor wanted to audition but was forbidden to do so?

None other than Kellan Lutz! The hunky actor revealed at Audi’s Super Bowl party February 5th that he loved the Hunger Games script and really wanted to audition, but was told he couldn’t because of his role in Twilight. Bummer! Apparently now that Twilight and Hunger Games are all under the Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment roof, the powers-that-be have declared that there is to be no crossover between the two franchises.

What a bummer – Kellan definitely would have made an amazing Cato!

Do you think that the “no crossover” rule is fair for Twilight and Hunger Games? Do you think Kellan was robbed of a role because of his Twilight association?