Who Wants Lindsay Lohan’s Money?

Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan was in the clear and out of trouble for the time being, we’re proven wrong! The 25-year-old troubled actress is back in the headlines again and this time it’s because dear Lindsay hasn’t done her civic duty of paying taxes. Apparently Lindsay failed to give Uncle Sam taxes for two years in a row!

TMZ reports that Lindsay has been busted for not paying her income taxes for 2010. Her debt comes out to $140,203.30 according to documents filed yesterday in Los Angeles County. This isn’t the first time this has happened to her: Lindsay got into trouble for not paying taxes on her 2009 income, which was worth $93,701.57. Lindsay blamed it on her accountants then. What will be her excuse this time around?

Why do you think Lindsay failed to pay her taxes this time? What’s the best excuse she could make?