‘The Voice’ Season 1 Runner-Up, Dia Frampton, Will Star in Own Webseries

We’re sure you remember last season’s runner-up, Dia Frampton, from The Voice right? You know, the lovable and down-to-earth folk singer who mesmerized us with her simple yet quirky style? Yeah, that gal. Just because she didn’t win last season’s competition doesn’t mean this talented lady has thrown in the towel!

The 24-year-old indie beauty has been keeping herself busy, releasing her single, “The Broken Ones,” back in November and debuting her first album, Red, a month later. She won’t be returning to the The Voice, but you can see her in a new webseries in which she documents her pursuit for the right outfit (we love her even more when she says she doesn’t like anything “tight” when performing), her thoughts on her singing career, and live performances of her songs.

Appropriately titled “Dia’s Next Stage,” we’re sure that former The Voice mentor Blake Shelton would be proud of the five-episode webseries. It certainly is refreshing to see a wholesome gal featured in what seems to be a mesh between a vlog/reality series.

Watch the premiere of the first webisode below, and remember to catch the rest of the series weekly on NBC.com!

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