Top 5 TV Shows You’re Not Watching But Should Be

I love TV, movies, and well, pretty much all things entertainment. But when it comes to TV shows, I love the comedies. Personally, I think drama should be left for movies. Here is my list of comedy shows on TV that you probably are not watching but should be! A few of these shows may no longer be on-air, but hello HULU, Netflix, SideReel… they all exist!

1. Archer

Catch this show on Thursdays at 10 on FX

2. Angry Boys

Catch it Sundays at 10 on HBO2.

3. Web Therapy

This was on Showtime for one season but originally started and continues as a web series. You can watch the 3 minute therapy sessions on L/Studio. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Allen Gregory

Since no one watched it was recently canceled. But watch it on so you can understand its greatness.

5. Arrested Development

Ahead of its time, this literally perfect television show was cancelled after 3 seasons in 2006. Now in 2012 FOX has decided to bring it back with a 4th season and a long awaited movie! So don’t be ‘that guy’ that has never seen this brilliant comedy. Watch it here or on Netflix, but I suggest you just buy it on DVD… Yes, it’s that good!

What’s your favorite show on TV?