Top 10 Things on Buzznet: The Pop Culture Edition

Buzznet is a virtual Hometown Buffet of happenings that most of us can never get enough of. Since I’ve never been able to take tupperware to that decadent line dance of deliciousness, I feel like I can do that here on Buzznet. Rather than take home all the biscuits and gravy that I can cram into a plastic square that I have to seal tightly so it doesn’t spill into my purse, I am going to fill this blog up with Pop Culture and let it spill into your minds.

Each week, we will rotate the majority of things featured to cover community, fashion, and music. It will be a party. Are you ready? I’m ready. OMG I AM SO READY.

Miley Goes Topless for $127K

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Animals Kissing Animals

15 Ladies with Pink Locks

R.I.P Leslie Carter 🙁

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14 Break Up Lines

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14 Celebs Who Regret Their Tattoos

You probably noticed that we are doing a lot of 14 this and that lists. We are gearing up for Valentine’s Day and since it’s on the 14th of February, we took that number and RAN with it. Feel free to do your own list of 14 things related to Valentine’s Day and show us what you’ve got!