Top 10 Things on Buzznet – The Music Edition

Last week’s Top 10 was all about Pop Culture so this week we’ve decided to round up all the all the music that rocked our socks. Do people even say that anymore? Do you remember when people had weird screen names like ImAnEvilSpork and what not? Same time period. You probably don’t remember. It was when AOL dial up with 56K modems was happening. Anyway, here are some things we like and you should love.

All Star Weekend on Romantic Gestures, Man Crushes, & More

Valentine’s Day Special w/Nat from 3OH!3

Sleeping with Sirens @ Ace of Spades

Buzznet Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of AAR “Beekeeper’s Daughter”

The All American Rejects in Colombia

The All American Rejects Tease Album with Video + Artwork

Cool Stuff on Buzznet: Week 153

Photo by: Kassady

We have a new page for you to check out Buzznet’s Concert Photography


14 Celebs We’d Never Take Relaysh Advice From

8 Subtly Flirty Gifts for V Day

The End.



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