Top 10 Things on Buzznet

It’s FINALLY Friday. I never say it much, but thank the elder gods that this day is upon us.

Well maybe not.

I can always get my shuffle on if push comes to shove:

Anymews, I am going to just show you some stuff that was cool this last week. Here you go!

Bree Has an Announcement 🙁

Cool Stuff on Buzznet by Rhianna: 2 Weeks Worth!

Photo by Breetany

DIY Floral Headpiece by Ashlee Holmes

Behind the Scenes: Buzz Maker Photo Shoot

The Cab: “Endlessly” Tour Video by KatieJRod

Paris Hilton Makes Something We Have No Words For

Selena Gomez Gets A Justin Bieber Inspired Tattoo

Speaking of tattoos: Here’s Miley Cyrus

Buzznet Exclusive with Amanda Seyfried

Zac Efron, You Dropped Something

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