Top 10 Things on Buzznet

This week on internet, Valentine’s Day made me feel like dying, our “Pop Culture” page got a new name, and Chris Brown proves to everyone that he’s still Chris Brown. Oh, I also made a gif of a rainbow crying and I watched a lot of videos from the weird part of YouTube and now I am suspicious of everything. What did you all do this week?

Buzznet Exclusive: Debbie Ryan Talks TV, Tunes, & Being ‘Radio Rebel’

We Had Hella Valentine’s Day Coverage

Hey it’s Emma!

Yasi Went to MAGIC

God Bless Hanna Beth

Sarah’s Medley Found A Medly of Amazing Ads

Chris Brown is Still A (insert something awful here)

Buzznet Storytellers “First Dates” Round Up

Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #8 – Fam Bam

Our Hometowns – A Photo Project

That is all. What happened to you this week?