Taylor Swift And Zac Efron Clear The Air With Some Help From… Ellen?

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron are constantly dodging rumors regarding their love lives: whether it’s a relationship with one celebrity or the other… even between themselves! And while the 23-year-old country crooner is known for putting the guys she’s dating on blast via her songs, it still seems like an exhausting way to live. Luckily the two celebs have someone who is willing to help them with their situation – none other than comedienne Ellen DeGeneres!

The duo were guests on Ellen’s show on February 20th to promote their movie The Lorax when the comical hostess offered a brilliant way to clear up all the rumors: through t-shirts that say it all!

Check out the hijinks below via Perez Hilton:

Do you think Zac and Taylor make a cute couple?