Taylor Lautner Refuses To Go Topless

Taylor Lautner had been acting before landing the fateful role in a little movie called Twilight, but he really had heads turning when his character Jacob Black grew in size in the second movie of the franchise. Since then, Taylor has been seen more often than not shirtless, leading us to question if the Hollywood hunk even owned a t-shirt. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old actor talks about leaving his shirt on for a change, The Belfast Telegraph reports.

While filming the movie Abduction, Tay Tay was adamant on not stripping too much – especially if not necessary.

“In the original script there were six or seven shirtless scenes and I said, ‘No, my character can’t just walk outside and say, ‘Oh, I feel warm today, let me take off my shirt.’ It had to make sense,” he said.

Now that shooting has wrapped on the Twilight Saga and he’s done playing his most popular role, there are some perks of not always running around topless!

“I’m enjoying that I don’t have to be in the gym six days a week now, or force-feeding myself every two hours to stay bulky,” he explained to Company magazine. “Now it’s about staying healthy, but I’ve always been active and loved playing sports.”

Would you watch a Taylor Lautner movie if he kept his shirt on the entire time?