Style Profile: Carrie Anne Moss

As promised here it is a new gallery dedicated to one of my fav brunette actresses, I’m talking about the Canadian Carrie Anne Moss, well-known as Trinity in the sci-fi Wachowski’s brothers movie The Matrix (one of my addiction).

For me she is not an awesome actress (I’ve seen all her movies) but she has a really particular and natural beauty: her green/light blue eyes are simply magnetic and I always loved the fact she is so down on earth and she loves her privacy and she never thought to talk a lot about herself of her children and her private life. It is something I respect a lot because a thing is the Carrie Anne Moss actress and another one is the Carrie Anne Moss mother, wife and human being. This is something a lot of celebrities should learn, but not only from her but other celebrities like her.

Carrie reminds me a lot a mix between Kate Winslet and Dita Von Teese, another two awesome women I love a lot! Can you see this resemblance?

So I hope you appreciate this gallery and tell me which is your fav Carrie’s style 😉