Storytellers Group: My First Date

I used this photo because that’s about how old I was. 15ish. Anyway, my first date was with a half-japanese boy named Alan. We met at an ice skating rink, which is mostly me out of my element because I hate cold. He had his younger friend ask me for my number. I do not miss the pre-text messaging days, let me tell you.

This was a unique situation because my best friend did not attempt to steal this one (see my latest vlog for details on this). For our first (and last) date we went to the OC Fair, which is more of me out of my element because I am wholly unimpressed by fried food and I don’t like creaky tin rides (if I’m going to go on a rollercoaster, I prefer it be six flags, where I can get good $ from a lawsuit if I fall out or something).

Mostly it was awkward and not totally worth my time. I felt like he was kind of an airhead and I would rather spend my time geeking out with the college-aged ravers at this one internet cafe I always went to.