Sleigh Bells X Reign Of Terror = Album Equation

The album’s artwork is a certainly a statement with its bloodied Keds but can you judge music by a cover? Does “Reign Of Terror” really sound like suspiciously stained shoes or is there other imagery which springs to mind while listening? I’ll do the math. Sleigh Bells, here is your album equation.

The level of cool you’d expect from Alexis and Derek

The impulsion to dance an energetic shoegaze (if that’s possible).

Any real sleigh bells. (Ssh, don’t tell Santa!)

What Lady Gaga might have meant when she said “Garage glamorous

The setting of some kind of venue that is essentially a pub backroom – but with charm.

All listened to through blown speakers.

Did you find the same formula or do you disagree?

Leave your thoughts below – you can still stream it over on New York Times so you can try before you buy.