How Does Robert Pattinson Spell Out Romance For Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart is a pretty rad girlfriend, judging from the Christmas gift she gave boyfriend Robert Pattinson this year! So how does RPattz compare to his on and off-screen love? Turns out Rob’s a pretty romantic guy! During the Twilight co-stars’ date night at Sherman Oaks, CA sushi spot Iwata, Rob didn’t hold back on the chivalry.

“Rob poured soy sauce for Kristen, which is a Japanese tradition, and even opened her chopsticks,” an eyewitness told Life & Style.

After dinner, the couple went across the street and shopped at Iguana vintage clothing store.

“They were making out and had their hands in each other’s back pocket,” another source tells the mag. “Kristen tried on T-shirts and Rob was telling her how awesome she looked.”

Supercute! We wish these two would come out officially as a couple already!

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone or someone’s done for you?