Rihanna’s Producer Confirms Chris Brown Is Not Getting a Cut of ‘Cake’

The past couple weeks have been crazy for R&B singer Chris Brown. He was the center of attention (well, besides Adele) at the February 12th Grammy Awards, which sparked a controversial backlash from the music community and Hollywood.

After the 2009 physical abuse charges he faced after attacking then-gf, Rihanna, many celebrities voiced their dispproval of the Grammy’s forgiveness and the attention Chris received from the press. Hot on the heels of music’s biggest night, a swirl of rumors were running wild that Chris was the secret rapper on Rihanna’s new single, “Cake,” after her producer Da Internz tweeted that he added vocals to the song that will “shock the world.”

Before fans had a chance to fully freak out, Da Internz quickly squashed the rumor leaving the possibility of a potential Chris and Rihanna collaboration in the cold.

Would you be mad if Rihanna collaborated with Chris on a song?