PHOTO DIARY: Grammy Week, Buzzmakers, & Cookies

What with Grammy week, jury duty, writing sessions, meetings, and a slew of events to attend, this month has been relatively overwhelming. But the worst of the craziness is over (our jury’s verdict was guilty on three counts of murder), and now my many colorful hair choices of the past few weeks are all on display in one place! Huzzah.

(Side note: My friend Tweedy and I also spent last weekend styling and helping teach a group of pickup artists for Neil Strauss’ weekend bootcamp – he wrote the book The Game – but I didn’t bring my camera to the important parts. What an idiot! Suffice it to say it was amazing.)

Inside this gallery: Hanna Beth, Renee Olstead, Weird Al, me on the red carpet, Sam from The Bravery, and all your other favorite Buzzmakers from the Buzznet shoot! (Which I couldn’t attend until the end. Le sigh.) Plus our adorable Valentine’s Day cookies and a couple of paintings I found inspiring from the women in surrealism exhibit at LACMA.

Whew. Lots of fun stuff coming up this week too. Whatcha guys think?!