Real Life Style Inspiration: Madeline Pendleton (Jean Greige)

This week’s Real Life Style Inspiration is the lovely Madeline Pendleton.She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the Marketing Coordinator for Konstantino Jewelry (carried at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc) and Co-Owner of the online vintage boutique Tunnel Vision. She attended college in San Francisco where she received a BFA in fashion design and marketing, worked in freelance apparel design and costume design for video games, and even co-owned a clothing store in San Francisco. I became aware of her and her AMAZING blog via recommendation of a friend and was instantly blown away by her unique sense of style (which was very refreshing to see here in Los Angeles).

She defines her personal style as a sloppy grungy yippie chick. (Remember the term yippie? Abbie Hoffman used to use it to describe yuppie hippies…that’s totally her).Madeline’s favorite clothing stores are Wasteland on Melrose Ave., Squaresville in Los Feliz, and every thrift store in the world! She also LOVES the Melrose Trading Post flea market here in LA which we plan to attend together soon for some hard core thrifting (can’t wait)! When it comes down to it, she is a product of a consumption-based culture and suffers from a combination of overwhelming delight and guilt regarding her shopping habits. Her general philosophy about getting dressed is that if you have to do it, you may as well have a little fun with it. When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she answered: “nothing at all! I want to never have to work again!” Well put Madeline…well put.