Real Life Style Inspiration: Christina Curry

I would like to introduce you to one of my newest friends: Christina Curry.She is a columnist for the Dutch magazine Hitkrant from Amsterdam who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. I am enamored by her sense of fashion, so it was a treat that I got a chance to ask her some questions about it! She describes her personal style as a gothic spice girl, a hint of over-sexualized 12 year old, and a general vibe that says “lady that may have a lot of cats.” Could she be any cuter? She usually refuses to shop anywhere other than places like the Goodwill, but if she finds something special in a pricey vintage store or from Topshop in London that she falls in love with, she’ll definitely indulge! Her favorite online stores are LouLou Loves You (because of their AMAZING accessories like handmade flower crown head pieces, underwear, and her personal favorite the pretty collars that cuteify even the dullest of dresses when thrown into the mix) and ASOS because they never fail to amaze her with their selection, especially when it comes to dresses and shoes. I fell in love with her when she mentioned her adoration for Hot Topic…I can’t help it! We both share a love of their creeper shoes. LOL!

All in all, Christina is a pretty rad girl! We became fast friends as a result of our shared love of cheesy Mary Kate and Ashley movies and Sailor Moon (she has a huge tattoo of her on her left side). She is most inspired by her Father. He used to host Headbanger’s Ball on MTV in the late 80’s/early 90’s. He’s gotten to meet some of the most historic and incredible people in the music industry and had a glorious feathered mullet that I can only dream of. When she “grows up,” she wants to continue to be a writer, but write for a magazine like Dazed and Confused or Vice. They don’t give a fuck, and that’s what she loves about them. If she can’t be crude, honest, and humoristic with her approach to writing, she would instantly feel miserable and unmotivated. I love her already!