Question of the Day: Do You Want to Have Kids?

I read the answer to this rather often on the internets, even here on Buzznet. Some people want to have kids and some don’t. Some people are extra nosy (me) and want to know why you don’t have kids or why you don’t have any yet. Some of them (again, me) even want to know what your thoughts on having kids are.

If by some strange feat of science and bio-engineering I could have a honey boo boo child (see above) of my own, I would want an exact replica of the above sassy little baby. Her parents fill her full of Mountain Dew and parade her about in pageants. I saw her on Toddlers and Tiaras:

She looks like she’s having fun.

I guess I am writing this QOTD because a lot of people here on Buzznet are tired of people asking them about when and if they are going to have kids. I just want to know what you all think.

Personally, I don’t think I could ever have kids. I can barely take care of my dog. It’s a little more acceptable for me to dress her up and later in life, she won’t murder me in my sleep because I didn’t buy her a pony when she turned six.

If you have kids, awesome. Share anything you like that lead you to making the decision to have them or just tell us how rad of a parent you are. I mean, you are on Buzznet, after all. That means you’re a cool parent. What’s the hardest thing about raising a person?

Do you want to have kids?