Question of the Day: Who Is Thine Valentine?

I think today was made for me and my valentine. That’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? Well, today was made for me and Mikey Fassbender. Oh and our babies that are gifs. I am just going to post some gifs of Fassy and pretend that we are going to ride bikes together on the beach after I get out of work and then we are going to throw grapes at each other’s faces and be silly.

I mean, pretending that that is going to happen is a lot better than the actual happenings of me making Moo dress up like Cupid so she can run around my room as I eat a pint of ice cream and watch Japanese films set in Feudal times and stuff.

Here’s some more Fassy:



Who do you want to be your valentine? Do you has one already? Who is it if you do?

The End.