Question of the Day: Mardi Gras Means….

Today is Mardi Gras. Here are some beads:

You didn’t even have to flash BekkiBoom to get these. Awesome!

Now that you have earned some beads and your virtue is still intact, let’s talk about stuff. I know some of you aren’t all into whatever Mardi Gras is about but it brings up a fun QOTD.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve told y’all about how I became a veggie due to giving up meat for Lent so I am not going to repeat it. That was like, 10 years ago. Now I am vegan and I hate religion so yay that. I wasn’t too keen on religion then, either. I just gave up something for Lent per my annual tradition. I was raised Catholic and old traditions died hard. I think that was the year when I wondered to myself just why I was observing said event and decided that I was going to be godless, much to the chagrin of my pappy. Water under the bridge.

I guess I should put a disclaimer in here about Lent. I know it’s all religious or w/e but I just want to pry into your mind to see what things you would give up if you had to. Answering this doesn’t mean anything really, unless you actually honor this time. IT’S JUST A GAME (sort of).

Let’s talk about you now. Since this is the time that this event has us give stuff up, what would you give up in our most wonderful hypothetical situation? It’s supposed to be something good like candy, swearing or whatever gives your life meaning. Good times. Are you ready to answer? Yes, you are. I decided. Go!

What would you give up if you had to give up something for Lent?