Question of the Day: What Makes You Happy?

Remember how last week I told you about Pancake Day? Maybe I didn’t. I thought I did. Who actually knows. I can’t be bothered to go back in time and look at my journal entries. Anyway, Shrove Tuesday happened but since there was hecka stuff going on last Tuesday, some people changed America Pancake Day to today. I figured now would be a good time to show you these gems which I have culled from the fields of my youth & the internet:

Good morning, Mr. Breakfast!

If you go to an International House of Pancakes today, you can get yourself some free pancakes. All those fine folk ask is that you give a donation for teh childrunz. If I ate pancakes and animals, I would totally do it.

I don’t really know what else is happening on the internet right now but I’ve had a lot of coffee already and I’m kind of excited about everything. Onwards to the QOTD!

nom nom nom

Yesterday we talked about things that make you weak in the knees like that one song from SWV (omg I’m old). Today we are going to talk about things that make you happy. Yes, you can be happy. Someone asked me this the other day and it made me kind of want to punch them. I mean, that’s a very difficult question to answer. I had to actually reflect and think about things that made me smile and give a poot.

I also said that depending on my mood, the things that made me happy could also irritate the bejebus out of me. I am complex. Not really. I’m just really moody. Here are some things that that make me smile:

  • pictures of cats on the internet
  • really nice weather that’s frosty in winter or mega hot in summer so I can be nakkies
  • baby animals
  • my dog moo
  • bike rides
  • sleeping in

My list is sort of the same from yesterday but what the hey, it’s my list. Your list should be full of things that make you feel like a special snowflake and give you a sense of fulfillment. Things that make you forget about all the woes of living. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Are you ready? Go!

What makes you happy?